[mythtv-users] nuvexport to mono

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Fri Jul 2 01:07:09 EDT 2004

Stephen Tait wrote:

> As another aside, I'm busy learning PHP at the moment (two days into 
> it and it's wicked fun) and am considering writing an add-on for 
> MythWeb that'll allow you to call and configure mencoder to do 
> transcodes once I'm good enough; the companies workflow management 
> system has gotta come first though.
> (P.S. if anyone thinks this is a good/stupid idea, say so!)


Oh, wait you wanna know which... Good I think.  Personally I hate have 
to console in to nuvexport (I run it with screen so I can disconnect and 
let it do it's thing.)

I'd love it if not only it would nuvexport a file, but allow you to 
specify a specific directory (outside the web tree) to place it in.  
That way I could toss it straight into the VIDEO tree of my media drive 
and after testing it, delete it from the TV drive, and not have to move 
it around.

You know scheduling a nuvexport would be nice, too... I have a crappy 
mobo with interrupt problems that can't do a nuvexport and watch TV at 
the same time without sometimes freezing or crapping out or just giving 
crappy video.  I'd like to set a recording to export at say, 2:00 AM.


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