[mythtv-users] Mythvideo/IMDB script not working [Bump] [off topic]

Tim Tait t.tait at comcast.net
Thu Jul 1 10:45:50 EDT 2004

For a small network bind is overkill... look dnsmasq (my favorite) or 
tinydns. FYI, if you have linksys WRT54G or similar linux based router 
box they run dnsmasq. That way when your myth box is down for 
experiments your wife can still surf the web:) Without YAPC running all 
the time.


Stephen Tait wrote:

> At 10:12 01/07/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>> Stephen Tait said:
>> > James, David fixed it for me by hard coding the IMDB server into 
>> the hosts
>> > file. Looks like IMDB has serious resolution problems for those of 
>> us in
>> > the UK (images haven't been working for me and a friend for a 
>> coupla months
>> > now).
>> Why are you using them then.  I have ran caching dns servers for over 
>> 5 years
>> now.  I can't think of a linux distro that doesn't come with a 
>> package for
>> cache only dns in there list.  Even makes windows faster if you setup 
>> them up
>> to use the linux box for DNS.
> Been planning setting up my own DNS for a while, but never got around 
> to it due to a combination of work, women and BIND's slightly 
> confusing syntax (still a Linux n00b, so taking things one step at a 
> time). Prolly just gonna set myself up with a low power machine to use 
> as a smoothwall box or something.

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