[mythtv-users] GF4 TVOut - Flickers, Especially White Colors

John Freer john_freer at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 24 16:46:18 EST 2004


Having some difficulty getting my new GF4 card's TV Out up and
running well.  Working, but flickery, especially with overscan. 

I've a GF4 with 4336 driver set.  The image is pretty steady when I
don't overscan. But to fill the screen, I need to overscan.  I use
the standard option called for in the howto (Option "TVOverScan"
"0.7").  Also -- for those considering upgrading to
nvidia-graphics5336, overscan didn't work for me until I downgraded
to 4336.

When I do this, the screen continuously flickers quite noticeably. 
Especially the white colors.  The problem isn't that bad when
watching TV, but when browsing the menus, I'm getting a bit nauseous.

The GF4 card I have doesn't seem to have a TV encoder like I'd expect
to see on my old GF2's.  (brooktree, chrontel, etc).  When XFree
starts up, the log captures "TV Encoder Type: NVIDIA".  What's up
with that?

because of that, nvtv doesn't work with the GF4 I have.

So, bottom line: Its working, but not well.  Should I go out and buy
an RGB to S-VIDEO converter?  or continue to try to improve the video
out somehow?

Did I just buy the wrong card?  Are there ones with better TV
encoders that I should have looked at?


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