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Tue Feb 24 18:03:40 EST 2004

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On Tue, 24 Feb 2004, John Freer wrote:

> The GF4 card I have doesn't seem to have a TV encoder like I'd expect
> to see on my old GF2's.  (brooktree, chrontel, etc).  When XFree
> starts up, the log captures "TV Encoder Type: NVIDIA".  What's up
> with that?

The GF4 cards have an NV17 encoder, which is a propriatory nVidia encoder 
(and a bit of a problem since the specs haven't been released, so you have 
to rely entirely on the nVidia drivers rather than using nvtv)

> So, bottom line: Its working, but not well.  Should I go out and buy
> an RGB to S-VIDEO converter?  or continue to try to improve the video
> out somehow?

When I was running with a GF4 tv out a while ago I never had any flicker 
problems because the card deinterlaced automatically (infact, the forced 
deinterlacing was the reason I ditched the card).  Maybe the hardware is 
different on some cards...

As for buying an RGB to S-Video converter, you will need one with a frame 
buffer on it, which will make it rather expensive (none of the simple 
single transistor sync converters).  This is because the nVidia drivers 
don't support interlaced VGA (yet - this will apparantly be fixed with the 
next driver release in late March), and without a frame buffer on the 
converter, it would not be able to do the deinterlacing required to reduce 
flicker.  My personal opinion is that deinterlacing should be toggleable 
by the software so it can be turned off when watching a video since that 
has already been flicker reduced.

I have just ordered a new GF4 MX440 for myself, which I hope to put to use 
once the new nVidia drivers have been released.

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