[mythtv-users] viaslice quality

Ivor Hewitt ivor at ivor.org
Sat Feb 21 04:46:43 EST 2004

Just a quick question for those using viaslice output driver...

Are you seeing 'chunky' mpeg output?

I'm using a dvb-t card to supply an mpeg source stream but the playback 
through viaslice is displaying, um, chunkyness.

Hard to describe... the effect is quite subtle,  but the effect is like 
there are vertical bars down the screen at eight pixel intervals. almoset 
as if the Y shading across that patch is reversed. Quite subtle, but most 
noticeable with light greys or greens.

The effect is particularly noticeable on a 4:3 video being played back in 
vertical letterboxed mode... if the image pans than there mpeg corruption 
on the extreme edges of the screen as new colours move in.

Initially I thought this may be some problem with scaling the image, but 
throwing loads of debugging messages and using an output resolution of 
720x576, shows no problems.

So, is anyone else seeing this?


Ivor Hewitt.
http://www.ivor.it - tech | http://www.ivor.org - hedge

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