[mythtv-users] preview in EPG not working in .14?

John DeLuca johnfdeluca at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 13 16:40:02 EST 2004

I had a similar problem and got no responses:

Lance Tost <ltost at pobox.com> wrote:
Since upgrading to .14, the preview in the EPG doesn't work. If I'm 
watching live tv, I go into the guide and the station I was watching is 
shrunk down to preview size but it's in the top left corner. All of the 
screen to the right of it is black. If I scroll to a new channel, the 
top-left fills in with the information that's supposed to be there but 
then I just get a black window in the upper right that says "Loading 
preview..." or something simliar.

I haven't seen any posts about this here... am I the only one experiencing 

Lance Tost 

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