[mythtv-users] fixed all my other problems...error when starting backend

miller44 at optonline.net miller44 at optonline.net
Sun Feb 8 20:15:10 EST 2004

I ended up fixing the segault error, so i didnt need to manually edit the database, so now i ran setup, defined a new capture card, selected Television as the input, then i did my source, then i went to input sources, attached my video source to the input connection, got out of setup, ran mythfilldatabase, no problems yet, if i run mythbackend i get all sorts of errors however

Starting up as the master server.
DB Error (getdevices):
Query was:
SELECT videodevice,vbidevice,audiodevice,audioratelimit,defaultinput,cardtype, use_ts,dvb_type FROM capturecard WHERE cardid = 1;
Driver error was [2/-1]:
QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
Database error was:
Unknown column 'use_ts' in 'field list'

Channel::Open(): Can't open: 
No such file or directory
Channel::Open(): Can't open: 
No such file or directory
Couldn't find input: Television on card
Unable to write to /mnt/store/
Check to make sure that this directory exists and is writeable by this user.
open lockfile: Success

I hope its not as bad as it looks, i had myth up and running not too long ago, i do not understand a lot of the errors.  Also i am not sure if i should be using video or video0, is there a way i can check?
Thanks so much for all the help

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