[mythtv-users] Myth 0.14 - Version 1.0??

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Sun Feb 8 19:56:39 EST 2004

 Mplayer will look for your ~/.lircrc file if you compile lirc support into
it (IIRC, it's there by default). I just added more lines to my ~/.lircrc
file.. No need for irxevent. 

Re: The frontend database settings.. Yes, they're separate, but it's not
always clear what's a frontend setting and what's a backend setting (at
least not clear to me.)

P.S. Anyone using a cfontz 632/4 display with their frontend should check
out the recent patch to the mailing list.. Fixes [] characters in
mythmusic's LCD display.

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Just my 2 cents worth of info...

I'v been using MythTV since 0.12 (starting with KnoppMyth) and now I've
upgraded via 0.13 to 0.14 on my home system.

Started with an Asus Pundit as a combo backend/frontend system I've found
that MythTV locked up sporadically, especially when watching live TV.
(I suspected a race condition between diskaccess from LiveTV and maybe
swapspace, cleanup from the backend etc.)

Now I have split up the back and frontend and added a second frontend
machine (Intel Dot.station).

The Pundit and Dot.station are still running KnoppMyth albeit with 0.14

The Backend is a dual PIII-550 with Fedora Core (thanks Jarod!) and MythTV
0.14 and some massive diskspace holding music and video files.
This seems to be rock solid now, recording happily away from a simple Mentor
(bttv) TV card (soon to be assisted by a PVR250 and a WinTV-Sat card). This
machine is up 24 hours a day.

Only problem still is the xmltv EPG updates here in Holland but this is
hardly a MythTV problem.

I was amazed that after installing 0.14 the EPG did work again, (as did the
Video IMDB system) and now I can choose TV programs to record and it get's
done. The Frontend machines behave much more stable now. Hours and hours of
LiveTV viewing is no problem as is playing music, video etc.

Things I don't quite understand:

Why is there 'native' lirc support in MythTV?
Because when activated I can't control mplayer with the remote anymore after
I selected a movie from the list.
So I still need irxevent file just to control mplayer ?

My solution for 'global' volume control:
On both Frontends I removed the volume control for MythTV (native and
through irxevent) and set it up so irexec is used instead (controlling the
hardware master output directly with aumix), this way I always can control
volume and mute functions independant of what part of MythTV/Music/Video is
playing and so I don't need seperate control buttons for mplayer and mythtv.

Are the settings for the different frontends mixed in the database or are
they on a per frontendsystem basis ? I managed several times to mess up the
database (video and music) by 'managing' them from different frontends.

Why isn't the audio and videodata in MythMusic/MythVideo streamed to the
frontends? Now I have to mount the different NFS shares to exactly the same
mountpoints on the different frontends.
I assume LiveTV and its recordings are already streamed to the frontends ?

Anyhow I guess 1.0 is still some months away but please please keep up the
good work :-)

My programming skills aren't up to your level but I can find my way around a
Linux system and already put in quite a few hours setting up my 'system'.


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