[mythtv-users] ATrpms : video4linux and ivtv confusion

charlesrandle at cwjamaica.com charlesrandle at cwjamaica.com
Fri Dec 31 17:09:11 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I confused about the configuration of video4linux and ivtv with mythtv.I am using Atrpms as my only source.My questions are below:

1) Do I need to download and use the video4linux rpm as well as the kernel module for video4linux ? The stock kernel appears to have this already integrated ? If I should use the ATrpms provided video4linux what are the benefits ?

2) With respect to the file msp3400.ko ... which rpm provides it ? kernel-module-video4linux-`uname -r` or kernel-module-ivtv-`uname -r` (with the name msp3400-ivtv.ko). In short which file should I use ?

3) Further to question 2 what is the use of the module "msp3400-ivtv.ko" provided by : kernel-module-ivtv-`uname -r` ? 

Any help would be gratly appreciated.

Best Regards,

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