[mythtv-users] Bundle of questions

Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at vanderkooij.org
Thu Dec 30 12:43:27 UTC 2004

On Thu, 30 Dec 2004, Marc-David Meijer wrote:

> I've been playing with Myth since version 0.15, and I recently upgraded to
> 0.16.
> I also found the same problem as you describe under 1. My guess is it's
> because I'm using only 800x600. Connected to this is another problem; most
> letters are 'cut off', i.e. the 'g' doesn't fit on a line, and the bottom
> part is cut of, everywhere in the menus.
> However, it seems to me that all you are missing in the setup-screens are
> the 'next' and 'previous' buttons. I could very well manage to without
> seeing them.

The odd thing is it is not even consistent. Some part of mythtvsetup
suffer from this problem while others do not. And I have tried it with
various resolutions.

> 2. Perhaps running mythtvsetup? Afaik, you can do whatever you want there.

At startup It offers the ability to remove al existing ones.

> 3. Looking at your homepage-adress, you're from The Netherlands, and you can
> use tv_grab_nl. It grabs all information from tvgids.nl. It's incredibly
> slow, but it works. I run it every night, it takes about 3 hours to
> complete, but hey, who cares :-)

Well. I do when it tries to do something like that midway an installation
process. I mean I can even buy backing flower and bake my own bread while

I have read about 22000 webpages in a perl script in less time. (hunting
for details on my virus collection.)

But I will investigate that later on to see if one can optimize things.

> Keep in mind, first make a list with xawtv of what channel is on what
> frequency. Make a list like: NL1 is on channel E9, NL2 is on channel E11,
> etc. Do this for all channels you want to show up in Mythtv.
> mythfilldatabase is going to ask for it, it's nice to know what to answer.

I got that on paper as well but hacking is all about having computers do
the work for you. And I need to see if it can handle those cases where
the channels are setup slightly off channel.

Anyway. I have made some progress and start bothering the readers again
when I run into obstacles. I have to fight a bit more with my PVR-350 to
get TVout working properly.


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