[mythtv-users] Bundle of questions

Marc-David Meijer mythtv at xiz.demon.nl
Thu Dec 30 12:15:50 UTC 2004

Hi Hugo,

I've been playing with Myth since version 0.15, and I recently upgraded to 
I also found the same problem as you describe under 1. My guess is it's 
because I'm using only 800x600. Connected to this is another problem; most 
letters are 'cut off', i.e. the 'g' doesn't fit on a line, and the bottom 
part is cut of, everywhere in the menus.

However, it seems to me that all you are missing in the setup-screens are 
the 'next' and 'previous' buttons. I could very well manage to without 
seeing them.

2. Perhaps running mythtvsetup? Afaik, you can do whatever you want there.

3. Looking at your homepage-adress, you're from The Netherlands, and you can 
use tv_grab_nl. It grabs all information from tvgids.nl. It's incredibly 
slow, but it works. I run it every night, it takes about 3 hours to 
complete, but hey, who cares :-)
In mythtvsetup you have an option where you specify from what country you 
are, after setting that, mythfilldatabase (the program that actually takes 
the output from tv_grab_nl and inserts in into the database) will 
automatically use the right grabber. However, if you can't get it to work 
from the setup program, you can also simply run "mythfilldatabase --manual" 
after you're done setting up the rest.

Keep in mind, first make a list with xawtv of what channel is on what 
frequency. Make a list like: NL1 is on channel E9, NL2 is on channel E11, 
etc. Do this for all channels you want to show up in Mythtv.
mythfilldatabase is going to ask for it, it's nice to know what to answer.

Best regards,

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> Hi,
> I have a number of questions I could not find in the documentation. (call
> me old fashioned but I would love to see the documentation on paper.)
> 1. How does one change the mythtvsetup screen so ALL of it is visible? I
> lost the lower half so I got about 2 rows of pixels indicating there are
> some buttons down below.
> 2. How does one remove incorrect entries (like duplicate cards) from the
> config?
> 3. How does one get channel information outside Northern Amrica?
> I find the MythTV documentation unclear on major issues like these.
> I happen to have a channel guide which I have used for years with xawtv on
> another machine. How can I make use of it? (Besides old fashioned
> inputting everything new.)
> Hugo.
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