[mythtv-users] Bundle of questions

Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at vanderkooij.org
Thu Dec 30 11:15:36 UTC 2004


I have a number of questions I could not find in the documentation. (call
me old fashioned but I would love to see the documentation on paper.)

 1. How does one change the mythtvsetup screen so ALL of it is visible? I
lost the lower half so I got about 2 rows of pixels indicating there are
some buttons down below.

 2. How does one remove incorrect entries (like duplicate cards) from the

 3. How does one get channel information outside Northern Amrica?

I find the MythTV documentation unclear on major issues like these.

I happen to have a channel guide which I have used for years with xawtv on
another machine. How can I make use of it? (Besides old fashioned
inputting everything new.)


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