[mythtv-users] PVR-350 and LIRC

Nick Morrott pvr at insidethex.co.uk
Mon Dec 27 19:31:55 UTC 2004


>This is a simple question but I can't seem to get it straight.  Can I
>use the PVR-350 for LIRC that and not use the pvr remote?  Will it
>just pass through other IR signals or does it just look for its
>certain remote codes?

* NB - this is as I understand things with the Hauppauge IR receiver*

After talking to Hauppauge in the UK, the IR receiver on the 350 should be
able to pick up other RC5-based remote controls, like the one that comes
with it. It will not work AFAIK with remotes based on other protocols (i.e.
based on RC6 like the Sky+ Navigator grrrr!).

If you get hold of another remote that is RC5 based, you can use the generic
RC5 lirc config file to test the remote in conjunction with irw that will
show you keypresses in realtime, or use irrecord which can capture
keypresses from your remote and show you the codes used. From this you can
tailor your own file, or check lirc.org in case they already have a config
file for your particular remote.

>Basically, I am going to use the 350,  but regarding remote
>controlls, I just want the pvr & LIRC to act as an ir receiver.  Then
>I plan to output the ir signal to my directv receiver through its
>serial cable control.  Is this possible or do I need a dedicated USB
>IR receiver?

This is the same setup that I would like to get going, controlling a cable
box with  a serial port transmitter and use the receiver on the 350 with my
remote. I am stuck with the current Hauppauge remote though until I can
source or build myself a combined serial transmitter/receiver unit that
works with other remotes and can also control your satellite/cable box. You
will need to recompile LIRC in order to get both the transmitter and
receiver working at the same time.


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