[mythtv-users]PVR-350 Audio output very quiet.(Web Mail sucks)

jmallory at lcisd.net jmallory at lcisd.net
Mon Dec 27 18:47:21 UTC 2004

Okay, I got everything working thanks in part to phill, and this bug report:


Now I am on to another problem I would like to see if you guys could help me with.

When viewing TV, I have it set to use my PVR-350, which works great. I have the Composite connected via a Y cable into my audio in port of my sound card, and then speakers out port goes to a Y cable to 
my TV. Well, it works, I can hear things, but I have to turn the volume up REALLY loud to hear anything. If I turn off the PVR-350 TV settings, I can control the volume with aumix, so I can turn the volume up 
just fine. I have Line IN turned all the way up, and its just hard to hear anything.

So that is my question. Is there a way to turn up the output volume of the 350 so that I can hear things better?

Jeromy Mallory

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