[mythtv-users] Just a BIG Thank you!

Bryan Ware bryan at hb-computers.com
Mon Dec 27 20:11:28 UTC 2004

	Just wanted to give props to everyone out there who is knowledgeable
enough to put their two cents in. I have been developing my Myth setup
for a year now and have posted many questions, most of which were
answered. I now have a killer DVR that is usable at all of my TV's. The
wife hates when there is a problem and can't use our Myth systems (Had
I/O error that turned out to be a drive going bad). Gotta be able to
watch "Days of our Lives". It to think that I caught more heat from her
for the loooong nights working on this.... I was about to give up and
try Winblows XP MCE till I removed the bad drive from the backend and
everything started to work predictably... Now if the PVR150 card would
get supported, I could get 2 more cards.

	In any case, Thanks a million for all the help/support/development by
everyone out there. If I had the knowledge, I would contribute!!!

Your grateful Myth user!

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