[mythtv-users] simulataneous operation?

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Mon Dec 27 03:45:54 UTC 2004

Ersin Akinci wrote:

>hi, everyone.  i originally heard about mythtv when i was browsing the
>amatuer PVR projects at http://www.mini-itx.com.  i went to the mythtv
>website and everything looks super-keen, but i just had a few questions:
>1. can you do different media operations simultaneously?  for example,
>could you play music while watching TV on mute?  or rip DVD's while
>watching one you've saved to the harddrive?
DVD ripping can be done in the background, but other than that only one 
thing at a time for now. This has been discussed before and I believe it 
is a goal down the road.

>2. using a remote, can you quickly switch between modes, or do you have
>to use the main menu?  my remote control has different buttons for
>different appliances (i.e., "TV", "Audio", "DVD", "VCR", "Cable", etc.)
>is there some way i could program mythtv so that when i pressed, say,
>the "Audio" button it would immediately bring up the mythmusic module,
>or if i pressed DVD it would bring up the mythDVD module?

>3. again, same question...if i *could* do #2, then could i still do
>other operations in the background?  like if was listening to music
>watching a visualization, could i press TV, watch TV, and still listen
>to music in the background?
not yet.

>thanks for all your help!  i read the manual, but these issues weren't
>addressed, i don't think.
>-Ersin Akinci
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