[mythtv-users] simulataneous operation?

Ersin Akinci ersin at kisforkastamonu.com
Mon Dec 27 03:33:25 UTC 2004

hi, everyone.  i originally heard about mythtv when i was browsing the
amatuer PVR projects at http://www.mini-itx.com.  i went to the mythtv
website and everything looks super-keen, but i just had a few questions:

1. can you do different media operations simultaneously?  for example,
could you play music while watching TV on mute?  or rip DVD's while
watching one you've saved to the harddrive?

2. using a remote, can you quickly switch between modes, or do you have
to use the main menu?  my remote control has different buttons for
different appliances (i.e., "TV", "Audio", "DVD", "VCR", "Cable", etc.)
is there some way i could program mythtv so that when i pressed, say,
the "Audio" button it would immediately bring up the mythmusic module,
or if i pressed DVD it would bring up the mythDVD module?

3. again, same question...if i *could* do #2, then could i still do
other operations in the background?  like if was listening to music
watching a visualization, could i press TV, watch TV, and still listen
to music in the background?

thanks for all your help!  i read the manual, but these issues weren't
addressed, i don't think.

-Ersin Akinci

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