Front-end support for Windows Media Center Extenders: x5400, WMCE54AG, DSM-230 (WAS: Re: [mythtv-users] MythTV support for Linksys WMCE54AG and/or D-Link DSM-230)

Eric A. Litman elitman at
Mon Dec 27 04:00:11 UTC 2004

John Kuhn wrote:
> David George wrote:
>> On 10/28/2004 05:42 PM, Tim wrote:
>>> I think the majority of these boxes stream off of a Intel standard 
>>> uPnP "Media Server"... so if a Myth Backend box can emulate that, 
>>> they would just work as deisgned (though not as an acutal myth 
>>> frontend). I recall someone working on a uPnP server for linux...
>> -- 
>> David
> intresting.. anyone using this? or at least attempted?

I just bought an HP x5400 (re-branded version of the Linksys box) and 
while I've yet to run it I do know that it runs an embedded version of 
WinCE and talks to a Windows XP MCE server using Remote Desktop 
Protocol. There may be more to it than this.

I've yet to poke under the hood to see what may be done with it outside 
of the MCE environment, and a Google search doesn't turn up anything on 
the subject.

In many ways it's the ideal "media" front end - fanless, built-in 
802.11a/g, composite, S-Video and component out, remote control, and 
only $260 from Amazon.

Has anyone done any more investigation of these boxes?




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