[mythtv-users] Xine killing Myth TV watching

Steve Frank steve.frank at bevcore.com
Fri Dec 24 16:34:59 UTC 2004

Hi gang, I've been messing around with using Xine for DVD playback from
within and outside of Myth, and I've noticed something odd on my
production box. I'm using FC1, ivtv 0.19--the latest stable build from

Whenever I run Xine, it works fine, but once I go back and try to watch
live TV, I get a blank black screen. Audio is playing fine, but I cannot
bring anything up for video. I have to cold boot the system to get Myth
back. A simple reboot doesn't do it.

I'm taking a wild guess that this has something to do with the Xv output
of the two apps using the display? Dunno.

Output is via an FX5200 card via DVI, but I had this on Svideo out as
well before I switched to DVI. It's a little odd, and I'm just wondering
if someone has seen this before.


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