[mythtv-users] how do I get component-out?

sean darcy seandarcy at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 22 21:31:57 UTC 2004

I just got my pcHDTV 3000. I'm posting here because the pcHDTV web site is 

My first objective is to use the card as a receiver for over-the-air hdtv 
broadcasts and play it on a panasonic 47" hdtv.

My first question is what do I need to get component video - which is what 
the tv needs for 1080i signals. I'd actually assumed the 3000 had component 
out - silly me.  I assume there's some addin card that has this.

Second - is mythtv the software I need to make this simple project work? If 
not, what is - and I apologize for cluttering your forum.


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