[mythtv-users] Sound missing on some channels

Tim T. tim.timmerman at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 21:13:04 UTC 2004


  just bought a PVR 350, and installed it.. not without sweat.. 
Thanks to the posts on this list I got it working.. well, almost: For
some channels,
I don't have sound. 

Setup: kernel 2.6.9, unpatched
Mythv 0.16
Hauppage PVR350-rev K257, tuner 38
Local cable company is UPC/Netherlands. 

Some channels don't have sound, others do. Some times switching to a
channel with sound and then back will fix the problem, until the next
time I switch channels.
mplayer -v - </dev/video0  doesn't give me any sound either.. 

Suggestions are most welcome.. There are a couple of christmas specials I'd like
to record. :-)


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