[mythtv-users] Running nuvexport on a remote host?

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Wed Dec 22 05:45:54 UTC 2004

> What would be the easyest solution to run nuvexport on another host
> (another, much, much faster cpu)? It keeps bugging me that my fast
> computer isn't the recodfileprefix host, and it should not be (because
> i turn it of when not used)... but i do have the .nuv files on an nfs
> mounted disk, so access to them isn't the issue. If i just had the
> command nuvexport uses for my default settings, i could use that, any
> good way to figure that out?

nuvexport needs to be on a host that is configured to run mythtv (thus, 
the recordedfileprefix -- it needs to know where to find recordings so 
it can determine the file type -- mpeg vs nuv makes a difference).  But 
once it's told where to find the recordings, mythbackend or anything 
like that doesn't need to be running.  it just needs to be configured 
for the host you're running nuvexport from.


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