[mythtv-users] several Problems with MythTV/hd-2000

David George david at thegeorges.us
Tue Dec 21 19:57:19 UTC 2004

On 12/21/2004 1:55 PM, clemens at dwf.com wrote:

>The sound card is a Sound Blaster Live! 5.1.  OS is Fedora2, and the Alsa is what delivers with Fedora2.
I am assuming when you are using FC2 that you have installed the latest 
updates and are running kernel 2.6.9?  If so, this is one of your 
problems.  The Alsa version that comes with 2.6.9 (v1.0.6) is broken wrt 
SBLive and intel8x0.  You will want to get alsa 1.0.7 from 
http://alsa-project.org (or 1.0.5a works also).

>Well, there ALWAYS has been stuff scrolling up in the window behine mythfrontend.  That has seemed to get a bit better recently (less stuff)
>but since it starts w/o my having hit any buttons at all its hard to 
You can redirect that information to a file for easier viewing by 
starting 'mythfrontend > frontend.log 2>&1' (without quotes).

>  Signal levels, from dtvsignal are 85%+.  Signal levels from
>MythTV show as 13%, which I assume is part of the scrolling problem, till
>I, in a separate window do  dtvsignal on a 'good' channel (I have no idea
>what channel it is tuned to initially,
The log should show you.

> NOT what I put into setup as the
>default) then the signal comes up  to the 90% range and I see a picture,
>but still cant get any keyboard action.
>I deleted the non-digital stations from the setup-database,
>but they were replaced the first time I ran mythfilldatabase.  Guess I have
>to go over to Zap2it and define a list of ONLY DTV stations 
That would be a good idea, at least to cut down on clutter.  I did this 

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