[mythtv-users] Sound card recommendation

kareemy kareemy at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 19:42:03 UTC 2004


I'm planning on building a mythtv system. I have a receiver and
speakers already setup. I have some questions about connecting a sound
card to the receiver and which sound card will work best for my setup.

I want to simply hook the sound card up to the receiver and have all
sound processed by the receiver and play out of my speakers that
includes DTS and dolby digital from DVDS as well as standard pcm from
mp3s, games, and regular mpgs or avis on my harddrive. What kind of
connections do I need to make from the sound card to the receiver for
this setup? Is an SPDIF connection enough or an optical?

Does the spdif/optical only pass through dvd audio so I would need to
hook up my analog outputs to the receiver somehow to get pcm sound? I
have heard that some people have been able to do use just one digital
output and change decoding settings on their receiver depending on the
sound source. How does that work?

Anyway, I am looking at the following sound cards:

Chaintech av710
m-audio revolution 7.1
audigy 2 ZS
intel 925x motherboard with the high definition audio

My main point of confusion is what sort of features i need on the
soundcard to achieve what I want above. The chaintech is only $25 and
it has a digital output. Is that enough? The audigy seems like it
might be overkill since I just want the soundcard to pass the audio
straight through. I heard the intel high definition audio can sample
everything up to dd. Would that simplify my life?

Thanks a lot in advance for the help,

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