[mythtv-users] several Problems with MythTV/hd-2000

Anthony Vito anthony.vito at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 19:12:55 UTC 2004

> >
> > If you use getatsc to capture a stream, can you play it back with
> > MPlayer?  How much free CPU do you have while playing back?
> >
> That would be an interesting test.
> How does one play back a ATSC stream with Mplayer?
> The Man 'page' is 50+ pages long, and when I went thru it I never saw
> a flag for ATSC/NTSC/PAL.

no flag, mplayer version > 1.0 or so understand a TS stream.

mplayer -vo xv -cache 8192 /dev/dtv

optionally put "-tsprog 1" on the end of that if you have a station (
like pbs ) that has multiple programs, the "1" is the program number,
start at 0 and work up.

Anthony Vito
anthony.vito at gmail.com

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