[mythtv-users] several Problems with MythTV/hd-2000

clemens at dwf.com clemens at dwf.com
Tue Dec 21 18:55:02 UTC 2004

> clemens at dwf.com wrote:
> > I have FINALLY seen a picture from my hd-2000 card, and now need to
> > get it working 'better'
> > 
> > (1) The sound appears to come in little 'chunks' with spaces between
> > them... WHAT should the audio be set to?  (Ill assume that an incorrect
> > setting is the problem)
> > 
> > (2) The video comes up for about 30sec, and then I drop back to the 
> > (previous) MythTV screen (where I can choose 'Watch TV'), related to 
> > this (I assume) is the message in the messages coming out of mythfrontend
> Describe your setup a little more.  Processor, video card (& driver 
> version), ALSA vs. OSS audio, separate vs. combined frontend/backend, 
> what kind of network between them, which one holds the HD-2000, version 
> of MythTV, etc.

OK, sorry for the lack of details.  The processor is a 3.2GHz P4 1GB memory.
The Video card is a Nvidia GeForce FX 5200, with the current driver from Nvidia. The sound card is a Sound Blaster Live! 5.1.  OS is Fedora2, and the Alsa is what delivers with Fedora2.  The pcHDTV is using the v4 driver released 
by pcHDTV yesterday, tho David George mentions a v5 that I will try once they
get their site back up (just checked: first screen or two ok, but then the 
hacker screen).  MythTV from CVS a day or two ago (over the weekend).
Dave mentions going back to the dag- driver, I can try that.
Everything is running on one machine.

> If you use getatsc to capture a stream, can you play it back with 
> MPlayer?  How much free CPU do you have while playing back?

That would be an interesting test.
How does one play back a ATSC stream with Mplayer?  
The Man 'page' is 50+ pages long, and when I went thru it I never saw
a flag for ATSC/NTSC/PAL.

But as I noted, the stream DOES play, it just stops after mabe 30s
due to what I assume is some other problem.

> > (3) When I had the PVR-250 card installed, when I had a picture on the
> > screen (ok, monitor) I could hit the 'M' key and bring up a menu, or I could
> > hit numeric keys to change channels.  with the pcHDTV card installed I can
> > do neither.  What gives?
> When Mythfrontend is frozen waiting for data from the recorder, it 
> becomes unresponsive.  This is a longstanding problem.  What do your 
> signal levels look like?

Well, there ALWAYS has been stuff scrolling up in the window behine mythfrontend.  That has seemed to get a bit better recently (less stuff)
but since it starts w/o my having hit any buttons at all its hard to 
control.  Signal levels, from dtvsignal are 85%+.  Signal levels from
MythTV show as 13%, which I assume is part of the scrolling problem, till
I, in a separate window do  dtvsignal on a 'good' channel (I have no idea
what channel it is tuned to initially, NOT what I put into setup as the
default) then the signal comes up  to the 90% range and I see a picture,
but still cant get any keyboard action.

> > (4) I CANT change channels within MythTV.  The only way I can set a channel
> > is to run dtvsignal once mythfrontend is up.  And YES the 'Video Source' 
> > screen is set to 'us-bcast'.  It almost feels like one program knows how
> > to talk to the tuner and the other doesnt.  Any ideas???
> Did you go through and set your freqid field in the database for each HD 
> channel you get?  Are there channels you *don't* get in your database?
Yes, and Yes.  I deleted the non-digital stations from the setup-database,
but they were replaced the first time I ran mythfilldatabase.  Guess I have
to go over to Zap2it and define a list of ONLY DTV stations 

> Is there anything useful in your backend log, or printed out from the 
> frontend?  Try running backend with '--verbose channel,record' and 
> frontend with '--verbose playback' and you might get some good diagnostics.
Will do, but right now I have to go into the office and finish up a couple
of projects.

Will do that when I get back later this afternoon.


				reg at dwf.com 

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