[mythtv-users] ATI TV Wonder - no sound from capture card

Kane Tse kanetse at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 21 17:50:15 UTC 2004

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> My guess is that you are right about the msp3400
> driver.  That could have something to do with it.  I'm
> not any pro but I have this ATI card and have had that
> problem myself in the past.  The thing that ended up
> fixing it for me though was making sure the right card
> number is passed to the bttv module.  Those ATI's are
> never detected correctly so you have to point it in
> the right direction.  The card is 63.  Good luck.  Let
> me know if any of that helped.

Thanks for your reply; unforunately, it didn't work.  In fact, things
actually got worse (with the card = 63) setting.  Ati TV Tuner now only
displays a black and white picture with the channels offset by 1; so
real-life channel 45 is displayed on channel 46 in TVTime... Etc.  I
suspect that I have a different hardware revision of the ATI TV Wonder
PCI which has a different card number in bttv.

I'll probably stick with my current bttv card settings, since at least I
get a colour picture and the channels are numbered correctly.

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