[mythtv-users] ATI TV Wonder - no sound from capture card

Matt Picker mpicker21 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 21 03:56:26 UTC 2004

My guess is that you are right about the msp3400
driver.  That could have something to do with it.  I'm
not any pro but I have this ATI card and have had that
problem myself in the past.  The thing that ended up
fixing it for me though was making sure the right card
number is passed to the bttv module.  Those ATI's are
never detected correctly so you have to point it in
the right direction.  The card is 63.  Good luck.  Let
me know if any of that helped.

--- Kane Tse <kanetse at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I have an ATi TV Wonder PCI installed in a dual
> Athlon 1800MP machine.
> It was running Fedora Core 3 and working fine with
> the sound being
> captured by the line-in on the motherboard's sound
> card.
> However, it was only a slave backend; and I needed
> it to become the
> master backend, so I changed upgraded the HDDs and
> added in a PVR-250.
> I also subsequently reinstalled a clean copy of
> Fedora Core 3,
> essentially following Jarod's guide.
> Now, there is no audio coming out of the ATI TV
> Wonder card.  I tried
> plugging a set of speakers directly into the ATI's
> line out (where you
> would plug in the patch cable) and heard nothing.
> Any ideas?
> My initial guess is that there is a problem with the
> msp3400.o because
> the PVR-250 loads its own copy of the module.
> As a possible alternative solution, I tried to use
> the Alsa module
> snd_bt87x to capture (the ATi TV Wonder PCI *does*
> have a working
> capture card), but whenever the card is capturing,
> my /var/log/messages
> is flooded with "kernel: FIFO overrun" messages. 
> I'm sure this is
> related to the snd_bt87x, because when I put
> snd_bt87x on my
> /etc/hotplug/blacklist file and reboot, the messages
> go away (but no
> sound).  Any RedHat or FC3 experts know how to solve
> this?  From my
> reading of the snd_bt87x source code; this error
> message is produced
> when there is "Bus Access Latency"; but I don't know
> what this means or
> how I can fix it.
> My questions are:
> 1) How do I get my TV Wonder to output sound on it's
> line out jack?
> 2) How do I solve this "FIFO overrun" issue with
> snd_bt87x?
> 3) Does anyone have an ATi TV Wonder with a PVR-250
> in an Athlon SMP
> machine running FC3 working?  Is it possible?
> Thanks!
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