[mythtv-users] several Problems with MythTV/hd-2000

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Tue Dec 21 13:10:43 UTC 2004

clemens at dwf.com wrote:
> I have FINALLY seen a picture from my hd-2000 card, and now need to
> get it working 'better'
> (1) The sound appears to come in little 'chunks' with spaces between
> them... WHAT should the audio be set to?  (Ill assume that an incorrect
> setting is the problem)
> (2) The video comes up for about 30sec, and then I drop back to the 
> (previous) MythTV screen (where I can choose 'Watch TV'), related to 
> this (I assume) is the message in the messages coming out of mythfrontend

Describe your setup a little more.  Processor, video card (& driver 
version), ALSA vs. OSS audio, separate vs. combined frontend/backend, 
what kind of network between them, which one holds the HD-2000, version 
of MythTV, etc.

If you use getatsc to capture a stream, can you play it back with 
MPlayer?  How much free CPU do you have while playing back?

> (3) When I had the PVR-250 card installed, when I had a picture on the
> screen (ok, monitor) I could hit the 'M' key and bring up a menu, or I could
> hit numeric keys to change channels.  with the pcHDTV card installed I can
> do neither.  What gives?

When Mythfrontend is frozen waiting for data from the recorder, it 
becomes unresponsive.  This is a longstanding problem.  What do your 
signal levels look like?

> (4) I CANT change channels within MythTV.  The only way I can set a channel
> is to run dtvsignal once mythfrontend is up.  And YES the 'Video Source' 
> screen is set to 'us-bcast'.  It almost feels like one program knows how
> to talk to the tuner and the other doesnt.  Any ideas???

Did you go through and set your freqid field in the database for each HD 
channel you get?  Are there channels you *don't* get in your database?

Is there anything useful in your backend log, or printed out from the 
frontend?  Try running backend with '--verbose channel,record' and 
frontend with '--verbose playback' and you might get some good diagnostics.

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