[mythtv-users] Still have Black Screen with hd-2000

David George david at thegeorges.us
Mon Dec 20 20:37:54 UTC 2004

On 12/20/2004 3:03 PM, clemens at dwf.com wrote:

>In the messages written to the window behind mythfrontend, I see the following
>messages, which are probably significant:
>    2004-12-20 12:52:40.536 Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
>    2004-12-20 12:52:48.199 Maximum signal strength detected: 13% after 5500 
>msec wait
>    2004-12-20 12:52:48.199 Signal level too low?
>    2004-12-20 12:52:48.199 Tuning Error -- aborting recording
>    2004-12-20 12:52:48.199 TVRec: Recording Prematurely Stopped
>This is saying that there is a tuning error and the signal strength is 13%
>rather than the 85+% that I see with dtvsignal.
>So, Im running kernel 2.6.9 with the
>    kraxel v4l2 patch:	All-2.6.9-rc4.diff.gz
>and the pcHDTV patch
>    dag-2.6.9-rc4.patch.bz2
>Have I missed something???
Looks like your freqtable in videosource may not be set to us-bcast.  I 
used to get the exact same symptoms (and log message) when I left mine 
at Default.  When I changed it to us-bcast, it started working.


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