[mythtv-users] Interlacing with Scan Converter

Mark J. Small msmall at eastlink.ca
Mon Dec 20 20:43:08 UTC 2004

Hi everybody

I've got a little question as I try to tweak tv out quality on my box.

I've got a low powered frontend (celeron 433) at my TV and I'm using a TVAtor 
Pro to feed signal to the TV.  The video card is a TNT2 PCI.  What is the 
best way to deal with interlacing using this setup.  The original recorded 
signal recorded by the PVR250 (Freestyle) is obviously interlaced, and the 
signal sent from the TVator to the TV is also interlaced, but somewhere in 
between it goes funny.  

I'm pretty sure that the TVator expects a non interlaced 640x480 signal, and 
applies some filters to interlace it.  

So should I deintelace my video on playback?  Will this be much of  a 
performance hit?  

Would I have better results if I shelled out for a video card with TV out?


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