[mythtv-users] MythDVD cropping problem

Steve Christall mythtv at mctubster.com
Sat Dec 18 19:26:31 UTC 2004

In answer to myself, the issue was caused by mplayer trying to figure 
out the correct aspect ratio itself

I have switched to using xine (dvd menu support) and have overridden its 
autodetected aspect ratio, hard coding to 4:3


>I just installed MythDVD.  It plays OK, but is cropping off the bottom
>of the picture.  If I hit "f" mplayer toggles from full screen mode to
>have mplayer window edges and then I can see all of the picture.  When I
>do this the picture shifts up to be centered in the mplayer window edges
>and I get the bottom of the picture back.
>Hitting "f" again switches back to full-screen, the picture drops down
>say 200 pixels and I lose the bottom 100, even though there is room to
>display it.

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