[mythtv-users] X display doesn't fit on 800x600

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Sat Dec 18 01:32:54 UTC 2004

After some recent advice about X resolutions and recording settings in
the channel setup, I changed by X display to be 800x600 by default,
rather than 1024x768. Trouble is that apps like GDM, mythfrontend and
xterm are too big for the display and positioned off the top left
corner of the screen. When I move the mouse (not click and drag, just
move) I can get the windows central again, but they're still too big.

How do I fix this? I though about using the overscan settings but
aren't they just for mythfrontend? My xterm windows are also too big
so I don't think can be the cause. I think I must have done something
strange with my X setup, but don't understand what.


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