[mythtv-users] no osd after upgrade to cvs

Peter Lee peteratcmu at gmail.com
Sat Dec 18 06:04:13 UTC 2004

Hi.  For various reasons (mainly some experimentation with a diskless
frontend) I decided to upgrade  my FC2-based combined backend/frontend
from atrpms to cvs.  I used the how-to at http://mythtv.info.

The upgrade went smoothly, except for one thing: The OSD is not
working.  Everything else seems to be working perfectly.  I can pause,
ff, rewind, etc in both live and recorded tv and it works just fine,
but just no osd.  The program guide works.  But OSD-related things are
not working.  For example, browse mode is not working at all (just no
effect when I hit up/down-arrow in brose mode), and edit mode actually
causes mythfrontend to freeze.

Any ideas what might be going wrong?  I initially thought that there
might be an issue of /usr/share vs /usr/local/share (I submitted a bug
report about a source file with a hardwired /usr/local/share instead
of using PREFIX), but after adding the appropriate symbolic link as a
quick workaround, the problem still remains.

Thanks in advance for any insights.


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