[mythtv-users] no osd after upgrade to cvs

mielikki-ivtv mielikki-ivtv at westbrook.com
Sat Dec 18 18:22:48 UTC 2004

Peter Lee wrote:
> The upgrade went smoothly, except for one thing: The OSD is not
> working.  Everything else seems to be working perfectly.  I can pause,
> ff, rewind, etc in both live and recorded tv and it works just fine,
> but just no osd.  The program guide works.  But OSD-related things are
> not working.  For example, browse mode is not working at all (just no
> effect when I hit up/down-arrow in brose mode), and edit mode actually
> causes mythfrontend to freeze.

I had a similar problem with the OSD and it turned out to be a 
permission problem. I do a

   chmod a+rw /dev/fb/2

and it works. (You'll need to change the '2' to whatever your frame 
buffer device in.)

(A better solution might  be to set the group on the device to 'video' 
and set the rw permission for group and not other and add the 
mythfrontend user to the video group, but I'll leave that for you to 

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