[mythtv-users] My last few steps to FC3 success :)

Mark Gardner markgard at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 16:44:35 UTC 2004

> I've run into this.  I believe what happens is that the mythbackend
> starts before the user mythtv autologins to the box, so it's before
> mythtv assumed ownership of the console devices - including /dev/video0.
> That's why a restart fixes the problem - you're restarting the backend
> AFTER mythtv logged in, and so there's no permission issues.
> I think you can find the indicator in the mythbackend.log file,
> something about permission denied when opening video0.
> My fix was just to have the backend restart (as root) in mythtv's login
> sequence.

How do you do that (also FC3)

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