[mythtv-users] My last few steps to FC3 success :)

Dan Boger mythtv at peeron.com
Wed Dec 15 12:59:09 UTC 2004

On Tue, Dec 14, 2004 at 11:45:14PM -0800, Chris Lynch wrote:
> - If a restart the box and go to Live TV, I cannot change channels.
>   The OSD shows up totally blank and it pauses for a moment and then
>   stays on the same channel. Now, if I close out of live TV, then
>   bring up a terminal and do a "/sbin/service mythbackend restart" as
>   root, all is well. My channels then show in the OSD and I can change
>   channels without issue. This seems like I may have some sort of
>   timing issue problem as to when the backend is starting up since it
>   does work if I restart the backend?

I've run into this.  I believe what happens is that the mythbackend
starts before the user mythtv autologins to the box, so it's before
mythtv assumed ownership of the console devices - including /dev/video0.
That's why a restart fixes the problem - you're restarting the backend
AFTER mythtv logged in, and so there's no permission issues.

I think you can find the indicator in the mythbackend.log file,
something about permission denied when opening video0.

My fix was just to have the backend restart (as root) in mythtv's login



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