[mythtv-users] My last few steps to FC3 success :)

Chris Lynch tsw at one.net
Wed Dec 15 07:45:14 UTC 2004

First off, thanks to everyone who has given great information to get me
going on this.  My first box was a KnoppMyth box that worked well, but alas,
suffered a sad HD crash and I decided to rebuild using FC3 and Jarod's guide
(which is great, many thanks).

But I've run into a few problems and have a few questions surrounding them:
- In Jarod's guide, it's mentioned that to reactivate nvidia-settings, you
should add...
	"nvidia-settings --load-config-only &
	. /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc"
  ...to your ~/.xinitrc file.  I've got that in there for the mythtv user,
but my overscan settings are not being reapplied when I reboot the box.  Any
ideas what I may be missing?  Is it possible I'm setting conflicting
settings elsewhere?

- If a restart the box and go to Live TV, I cannot change channels.  The OSD
shows up totally blank and it pauses for a moment and then stays on the same
channel.  Now, if I close out of live TV, then bring up a terminal and do a
"/sbin/service mythbackend restart" as root, all is well.  My channels then
show in the OSD and I can change channels without issue.  This seems like I
may have some sort of timing issue problem as to when the backend is
starting up since it does work if I restart the backend?

- This last one is more of a guess, but it would appear that my box hard
crashes if I'm watching live tv and a show to record comes on.  Sometimes my
wife will leave MythTV on watching live TV and turn off the TV and I'll come
back to find it locked up and it's always after a show to record has come
on.  It seems to time to when a show is getting queued up to record.  As a
side note, I've turned off commercial detection.

It is an awesome piece of software and I'm hoping I can get these last
nagging kinks out!  Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


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