[mythtv-users] Very slight jitter on high power machine

Thomas Börkel thomas at boerkel.de
Tue Dec 14 07:43:57 UTC 2004


Brad Templeton wrote:
> I finally got things working at 1080i on my HDTV.  Unfortunately, there
> is a slight, but annoying jitter.  I've read a number of the articles
> on jitter but I don't seem to have the causes of that.
> By jitter I refer to what appear to be dropped frames, slight skips in
> smooth motion during periods of high motion.   Not the "Sound is freaking
> out" constant jitter or actual slow playback.

I had the same thing in 800x600. Slight jumps, even with only 30% CPU used.

renice -2 `ps -C mythfrontend -o pid=`
renice -12 `ps -C X -o pid=`


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