[mythtv-users] DVD Ripping ?

Scott Petersen scott_j1 at slal.net
Fri Dec 10 00:38:00 UTC 2004

On Mon, Dec 06, 2004 at 10:50:31PM -0500, Randy Carpenter wrote:
> I mentioned this in a different email, but I'm not sure if people read it 
> all (it was a long message :) )
> Anyway... I'm looking for a way to put in a DVD, and have Myth rip the
> whole disk, just as it is, and make a single image file of it (Including
> menus, and extras). I then want to be able to play back that DVD at any
> time. "DVD Jukebox" is what I am thinking.
I do this exact thing on my Myth box.

I use a tool called dvdbackup that rips an exact copy of a dvd to disk. I then use mkisofs to convert it to a single file.

dvd backup is available at: http://dvd-create.sourceforge.net/

The script I use to do the rip and convert to iso is below (I think I got the root of it from this list). There have been other posts to the list that describe how to integrate this into Myth's menus. I don't personally do that as the ripping takes a while and the mythfrontend is locked up while it is in progress. I just flip over to a console and run my dvd2iso manually.

As well, Xine is able to play iso files directly using a command line like:

xine --fullscreen --hide-gui --no-splace dvd://%s/ (where %s is the file name)

You can integrate this into MythVideo by adding a new file type of "iso" and adding the above command line as what is executed for an iso. The iso files will need to be put into the directory where MythVideo is configured to look. 

Works great here. The whole "DVD Jukebox" is my goal too.

Scott Petersen

---------------Start of dvd2iso script------------------------


#script to backup full dvd's including menu's
#needs the dvdbackup tool from http://dvd-create.sourceforge.net/index.shtml

# set these to match your system settings

# temp storage while creating iso image (could use tmp if that is on a big partition)

# Directory to store the resulting ISO file
# If you are using MythTV, set this to be the directory set up for MythVideo

# Make a unique temporary directory to store the backup
# *** Add check to see if directory exists
mkdir -p  ${tmpstorage}

#make a complete copy of the dvd 
/usr/bin/dvdbackup -i $dvddevice -o $tmpstorage -M

#get the DVD name from the foldername created by dvdbackup
naam=`ls $tmpstorage`

#Make an ISO image of the backup in the video directory
/usr/bin/mkisofs -dvd-video -udf -V "$naam" $tmpstorage"/"$naam > $isodir"/"$naam".iso"

#Remove temporary directory
rm -rf ${tmpstorage}

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