[mythtv-users] DVD Ripping ?

Franco mythtv at email.it
Sat Dec 11 22:08:06 UTC 2004

> Also recently I've read on the dev list that somebody is working on
> integrating full iso rips in mythdvd as an extra "quality" setting,
> without extra scripts etc...   

Hoping so. By now, every time I upgrade myth it resets the xml pages 
to their default content and I have to redo the work... :-)

> this would require that Myth in it's current state can play
> DVD's given a path spec. mplayer can certainly do this

Ehm, are you sure? After I rip a dvd with dvdbackup I can play it
with xine (xine dvd://path/to/directory) but how do you do it with mplayer?
It seems that mplayer can play a dvd directory tree only if it is 
mounted somewhere... not a plain path...

> Here's that script, it uses tccat (part of transcode) and not vobcopy.

Uhmmm interesting. Does tccat give the same results as mirroring with dvdbackup
or vobcopy?  This is important as dvdbackup sometimes fails on DVDs that
can be played by mplayer or xine.
So if tccat is part of transcode (hence mplayer based), your script
may work in a greater number of situations...


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