[mythtv-users] Advice on TV vs Monitor to use with Epia M10k

Steve Hayles (diverse) steve at diverseyachts.com
Thu Dec 9 16:12:57 UTC 2004

Can't answer all your questions but I have been using an M10K with TV-out to
a LCD television via S-video.

I was contemplating doing exactly what you are about to do as I was unhappy
about the S-video quality.  For me the convenience of using s-video (such as
allowing video switching through an AV amp) was such a plus I thought that I
would see what the various tweaks avaialble for the S-video output could

You can get a 720x576 output from the s-video port without problems (I think
this mode will work via the VGA port as well from memory).  I have also
started using the Unichrome drivers for Xfree which have the Epia flicker
filter turned off (which definitely improved sharpness)  and have recently
started using Terry Barnaby's patch which turns off completely all scaling
in the Unichrome drivers at 720x576.  All these tweaks are perfect for DVB-t
users in the UK as the stream is at the right resolution.

I am now delighted with the output which is a marked improvement over my
previous set-up.  I tested it on the wife recently and without telling her I
used an AV amp to switch between a Freeview box (an i-player which is
considered of decent quailty output) and my Myth box displaying the same
program live and asked her to choose which was the best picture.  She chose
the Myth box, which pleased me no end.

Normal X displays are not quite as sharp as they are on the VGA output
(especially if I output to my LCD TV at its native resolution) but for Myth
its really now excellent.  Using Unichrome drivers I now have a system that
never runs at more than 35% CPU and the output is on a par with a decent DVD
player I have.

Check out http://www.kingcot.eclipse.co.uk/unichrome/unichromeTvOut.html if
you haven't already,  the guy is a genius at all this stuff for sure and has
great advice on tuning the output of the M10K


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I love my MythTV so much that I thought an upgrade to my TV would make it
even more enjoyable.
I currently use my Epia M10K mobo at 800x600 S-Video out to my old PAL 5:4
aspect ratio TV. The TV quality is good, but text is pretty fuzzy hence the
desire for an upgrade.

Since I do not actually use the TV tuner and rely on Myth for everything I
thought I could use a computer monitor instead of a TV and have really crisp
text. But the more I read about deinterlacing, progressive scan et al the
more confused I get.

If I use a monitor instead of a TV will I need deinterlacing enabled, and
can the Epia 10k handle that? I tried enabling deinterlacing (BOB filter)
and the sound  became crackly when the OSD was on.

If I use a TV, will the text in Myth be acceptable? (Assuming I buy a better
TV than I have now)

And if I get a widescreen TV with a 16:9 aspect ratio can the TV output of
an Epia M10K handle that? The manual only mentions 800x600 or 1024x768 TV

Any advice and experience would be appreciated.

BTW: I am in the UK and use DVB tuner cards.



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