[mythtv-users] Advice on TV vs Monitor to use with Epia M10k

Derek Jennings derek at disposable.dnsalias.org
Fri Dec 10 11:43:48 UTC 2004

Thanks for pointing me to Terry Barnaby's page Steve. Its a great resource
(If you are out there Terry Thanks!)

From my reading of Terry's analysis I conclude that a 16:9 aspect ratio TV 
will be no problem with the Epia, and the TV quality will be good, but I am 
still not clear about how well a monitor might perform, and there is also the 
question about will a 'progressive scan' LCD TV behave differently to a 
normal 'interlaced' TV. I assume a progressive scan TV can receive an 
interlaced signal. So does that mean the TV does the deinterlacing itself, 
and I do not have to worry about doing it in the Epia?

Any other opinions would be welcome.



On Thursday 09 December 2004 16:12, Steve Hayles (diverse) wrote:
> Can't answer all your questions but I have been using an M10K with TV-out
> to a LCD television via S-video.
> I was contemplating doing exactly what you are about to do as I was unhappy
> about the S-video quality.  For me the convenience of using s-video (such
> as allowing video switching through an AV amp) was such a plus I thought
> that I would see what the various tweaks avaialble for the S-video output
> could acheive
> You can get a 720x576 output from the s-video port without problems (I
> think this mode will work via the VGA port as well from memory).  I have
> also started using the Unichrome drivers for Xfree which have the Epia
> flicker filter turned off (which definitely improved sharpness)  and have
> recently started using Terry Barnaby's patch which turns off completely all
> scaling in the Unichrome drivers at 720x576.  All these tweaks are perfect
> for DVB-t users in the UK as the stream is at the right resolution.
> I am now delighted with the output which is a marked improvement over my
> previous set-up.  I tested it on the wife recently and without telling her
> I used an AV amp to switch between a Freeview box (an i-player which is
> considered of decent quailty output) and my Myth box displaying the same
> program live and asked her to choose which was the best picture.  She chose
> the Myth box, which pleased me no end.
> Normal X displays are not quite as sharp as they are on the VGA output
> (especially if I output to my LCD TV at its native resolution) but for Myth
> its really now excellent.  Using Unichrome drivers I now have a system that
> never runs at more than 35% CPU and the output is on a par with a decent
> DVD player I have.
> Check out http://www.kingcot.eclipse.co.uk/unichrome/unichromeTvOut.html if
> you haven't already,  the guy is a genius at all this stuff for sure and
> has great advice on tuning the output of the M10K
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> Subject: [mythtv-users] Advice on TV vs Monitor to use with Epia M10k
> I love my MythTV so much that I thought an upgrade to my TV would make it
> even more enjoyable.
> I currently use my Epia M10K mobo at 800x600 S-Video out to my old PAL 5:4
> aspect ratio TV. The TV quality is good, but text is pretty fuzzy hence the
> desire for an upgrade.
> Since I do not actually use the TV tuner and rely on Myth for everything I
> thought I could use a computer monitor instead of a TV and have really
> crisp text. But the more I read about deinterlacing, progressive scan et al
> the more confused I get.
> If I use a monitor instead of a TV will I need deinterlacing enabled, and
> can the Epia 10k handle that? I tried enabling deinterlacing (BOB filter)
> and the sound  became crackly when the OSD was on.
> If I use a TV, will the text in Myth be acceptable? (Assuming I buy a
> better TV than I have now)
> And if I get a widescreen TV with a 16:9 aspect ratio can the TV output of
> an Epia M10K handle that? The manual only mentions 800x600 or 1024x768 TV
> Out.
> Any advice and experience would be appreciated.
> BTW: I am in the UK and use DVB tuner cards.
> Thanks
> derek


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