[mythtv-users] database connect problem...

travis eddy boscotwo at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 9 01:33:45 UTC 2004

hey guys,
i have set up a remote frontend a number of times so don't ask me whats 
wrong :-p...
allright i edited the /usr/local/share/mythtv/mysql.txt like normal and put 
in the masterbackends hostname ( which worked every other time fine) accept 
this time i still get the can connect error... so on the other maching i 
looked for the my.cnf, but can't find it ( figured mandrake install has is 
hidden) i check all the mysq folder, and the mythconverg folder, no where to 
be seen. i was going to make on put i don't want it messing up my backend.
anyone know why my fontend dosen't want to connect?

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