[mythtv-users] Recommendation: Hardware MPEG2 Decoder w/ DVI?

Joe Barnhart joebarnhart at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 7 23:41:30 UTC 2004

--- "Mark L. Cukier" <mark at pemicro.com> wrote:

> Basically, I'm looking for some recommendations for
> a PCI or AGP card 
> with hardware MPEG2 decoding and a DVI output
> (suitable for display an 
> widescreen HDTV, rather than a DVI input monitor,
> etc).

The "hardware decoding" part would be XvMC, which
doesn't really work on HDTV content under Myth.  Wish
I could report otherwise, but I spent lots 'o time
trying to get it working and solicited help from all
the experts here.  The answer I got was "ditch XvMC
and use Xv (software decoding)."  It works.

The nVidia 5200 card is a fine one for software
decoding, and I recommend it.  There was a recent
article in Tom's Hardware, tho, which trashed it for
DVI compatibility.  I use VGA myself so I couldn't
comment.  The "winner" for DVI compatibility was ATI,
but no one has much good to say about Radeon cards for

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