[mythtv-users] Recommendation: Hardware MPEG2 Decoder w/ DVI?

Thomas M. Pluth tpluth at surewest.net
Tue Dec 7 18:20:27 UTC 2004

> Everyone:
> Sorry for repeating this request, but I thought I'd make a seperate
> thread to maybe lure some people in who weren't following my previous
> thread.
> Basically, I'm looking for some recommendations for a PCI or AGP card
> with hardware MPEG2 decoding and a DVI output (suitable for display an
> widescreen HDTV, rather than a DVI input monitor, etc). I'm basically
> looking for 2 key features:
> 1) good performance/image quality
> 2) proven interoperability with linux/mythTV
> Any recommendations are much appreciated!
> Thanks,
>    Mark
> --

 Nvidia GeForce4 FX5200 or better.  No need to go to the super high-end
cards, though..   I've used 5200's and 5500's and can't see any

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