[mythtv-users] Problems getting MythTV to work with Terratec Cinergy 400

Daniel Haas daniel at file-factory.de
Tue Dec 7 08:39:05 UTC 2004

Hello List!
I'm using MythTV for some weeks now, and it is really nice, and its really
stunning! Keep up the good work!

Unfortunatly the most important thing (watching TV) is still not workin
with my setup. :-)

My Hardware:
* MSI Mega 400 Barebone
* Terratec Cinergy 400 TV
* Logitech Z-680 Speakers connected through SP/DIF

My Software:
* Gentoo x86 (2.6.9 Kernel)
* MythTV 0.16

Since I'm living in Germany, mythfilldatabase does not work as expected. I
have tv_grab_de_tvtotal working, but myhttv is unable to identifiy the
channels. So I setup all channels manually and entered the Channel IDs as
in xawtv. (Btw, xawtv and tvtime are working great with the TV card). Now
the problem is, i cannont change the channels in mythtv. Only two Channels
are working, and i can only switch between them. I looked many times at
the channel configuration and found no difference between this two
channels and the others. So I do not understand why i cannot change
The other problem is: I have no sound. Sound is working for mplayer and
xine (through SP/DIF), i use alsa for sound. I took the alsa configuration
file from The digital sound howto at mythtv.info and set mythtv's Sound
output device to alsa:mixed-digital. I enabled OSS Sound for the Terratec
cinergy 400 card and set it to be device /dev/dsp3. When booting,
/dev/dsp3 appears correctly, and i setup /dev/dsp3 as the sound device for
that card in mythsetup.
I read the mythtv documentation and also read the sound troubleshooting
section, but I did not understand the testing procedure for xawtv, because
it was explained very short.
What is the way to troubleshoot this correctly? (Btw, i increased the
verbosity level of mythbackend but didn't find any useful messages in the
And how do I setup my channels correctly for german cable television? Is
there anyone who has a working setup in germany, using xmltv? Any
suggestions/ information is very much appreciated!

Greetings from Germany to all MythTV users. :-)


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