[mythtv-users] Cutting and merging videos

nate s nate.strickland at gmail.com
Sat Dec 4 19:54:12 UTC 2004

Due to my system time drifting, I've managed to record three back to
back shows off sync with the start and end time by about two minutes. 
However, since they were back to back, the piece of the show that got
cut off of the end of one is at the beginning of the next oet (for all
but the last.)

I'm wondering if there is some way to split the beginning of one video
file, and tack it on to the end of the previous one.  Has anyone doen
this?  Ideally, I'd like the videos to still be in the recordings, but
if exporting them was necessary, that'd be ok too.

My thoughts on how to go about this are to split the video with
someting like avidemux2, and then somehow joining them back together
again.  Would it work to just do a cat video.part.1 video.part.2 >
whole.video ?  I'm not really an expert on the file formats (mpeg2
from a pvr250, btw) so I'm not sure if they have some sort of header
or something that would pervent this, though the fact that you can get
mpeg2 by doing cat /dev/video makes me think it would work.  Or does
someone know of a better way to go about this?


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