[mythtv-users] Confused...

clemens at dwf.com clemens at dwf.com
Thu Dec 2 23:33:05 UTC 2004

Im having more problems with getting MythTV up than I have ever had
with any other piece of software.  I have a machine here with a PVR-250
and a pcHDTV HD2000 in it, along with a Sound Blaster Live 5.1 (tho if it
would make things any easier to get this thing started, I could easily
pull one or the other of the video boards).

    [[ Just to be sure that at least ONE of the boards (and the antenna)
	were working I ran the Windows software that came with the PVR-250,
        and was able to see live TV,- so that card is OK ]]

Ive currently been thru ./setup, and am not sure what I was supposed
to do with the "Video Sources".  It currently says:
	HDTV: /dev/video0(Television) -> Antenna
	MPEG: /dev/video1(Tuner 0)    -> Antenna

Why one is "Television" and the other "Tuner 0" is not clear, they both
have tuners, right?  But I cant change the "Tuner 0" so so be it.

I have NO idea what to do with the Channel Editor.
Thats probably a problem.

If I make it thru ./setup, then run mythfilldatabases, it runs and seems
to run ok.

I then try starting mythbackend, followed by mythfrontend.
I get a (fullscreen) black screen, with a (window) title bar across the top.

Nothing seems to happen here till I close the window and kill mythfrontend.
but the window where I started it (mythfrontend) contains hundreds of error
messages saying that it couldnt open /dev/dsp.

Now the ALSA sound works in the sense that I can play CD's, is there some
additional module that needs loading for MythTV to get to /dev/dsp?
Or is the name /dev/dsp an oss thing, and I need a different name for ALSA?

I had expected it to take several hours to get MythTV up, and its now
been a couple of weeks.  And not counting the excursion to Windows,
I have yet to see ANYTHING that makes me believe Im any closer to getting
this stuff running on my machine. *sigh*


So anyone want to give me a pointer or two...

                                        reg at dwf.com

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