[mythtv-users] update on the Mythtv for Debian Installation Guide

Robert Wilson rwilson131 at Comcast.net
Thu Dec 2 23:19:00 UTC 2004

Hello Everyone,

I have updated the guide based on the commits from a few of you.  I am 
interested in improving this guide further.  I have recently updated the 
links to the ckennedy drivers to the new location.  This should no 
correct the error messages people received.  I will include that link in 
this email also.

Please let me know if this is helpful, a piece of shit, or anything in 
between.  This is my first contribution to the open source community and 
I hope that it is useful.


The Install Guide:  www.wilson-stowe.com/family/content/view/24/45/
note: the previous url may not work anymore, I am having some issues 
with alias on my website, so here is the one that I know will work.

ckennedy drivers New site

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